Nubiran, il pianeta dell'amore


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Nubiran, the planet of love, second original album of venetian band’s Aruspika, is coming, four years after the first Non Sono Io (2012). So many news since the first experience, starting with the band that has grown from the duo to the quintet and now adds to Maria Ghelfi (vocals) and Marco Zoccarato (electric guitar) also Lallo Orlandi on acoustic guitar, Davide Gerardi on bass and Nicola Catino on drum. The band’s sound, richer and more definite, has been exploring different music genres that always constituted the composing reference of Marco Zoccarato, author of nearly all of the songs, such as blues, rock’n’roll, Italian traditional author’s music. The album is a sort of journey in a fabulous place, a planet where in every region is kept a story of love and all its facets. Somewhere in the planet, for instance, it’s possible to find a beautiful love story, somewhere else a city made of memories, or again a story we can’t tell the outcome. Nubiran is the planet of love and, even if probably it’s not possible to see it with the most powerful telescope or to find it on the precisest stellar map, it’s the place where love reigns undisputed. Nubiran is a fabulous place to go because it’s wonderful to be there, such as when we are in love or with our head in the clouds, when we can forget about all the problem that come to us from outside end where we can be ourselves without lying. Nubiran is an album with a vintage sound, warm, like a vinyl, surely you have to listen to it loud! The 12 songs of the album are very different, they go from the rock’n’roll and the blues, through author’s song; though in this Aruspika’s new production the songs live together well and, listened one after the other, they tell a journey in feminine universe that it’s not rhetorical and wants to explore the aspects of woman’s life. The friendly participation of five important musicians contributed to enrich and define the sound and timbral plot of the songs and to valorize the quality of the entire project. Mauro Negri (clarinet on Ugo) is considered one of the greatest clarinet jazz player, known all over the world, featured important artists in jazz’s world (such as Enrico Rava, Richard Galliano etc.) and in pop/rock music (such as Eros Ramazzotti, Adriano Celentano, etc.); Riccardo Biancoli (drum on Valzerino) miles stone of drum in contemporary jazz scenery; Giancarlo Zucchi (piano on Non So Più Chi Sei and Night Talkin’) well known Italian piano blues talent, featured important pop artists (such as Sonohra and Omar Pedrini); Carlo Cantini (violin on I Resti Di Un Amore and Valzerino) violin player, composer, arranger and producer that played on international stages and featured world known artists (Trilok Gurtu); Giovanni Ghelfi (harp on Non So Più Chi Sei) talented blues harp player that joined Aruspika’s first album Non Sono Io (2012). Nubiran, the planet of love is produced by Aruspika and realized with the support of Teatro All’Insegna Dell’Orso in Peata. Before the recording sessions Aruspika raised successfully a crowdfunding campaign on Recording, mixing and mastering have been realized at Digitube Studio in Mantua by Carlo Cantini. The images on the cover and the booklet are designed by Lelio Pederiva and the photos are taken by Marta Buso.

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